Mark Yost

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  1. Marilyn von Kuhlberg says:

    Dear Mr. Yost, I just read your very fine article on Appomattox and noticed you correctly commented on the “frock” coat Lee wore for the surrender in that there is a dispute over whether it is the correct one. I came across info on this by accident when reading the Mary Custis Lee collection at the Virginia Historical Society. Also read about it in Al Long’s “biography” on Lee and in a few other places. He wore the plain grey with the three colonel stars. He never wore that displayed coat. It was a gift and he had it sent into Richmond to be stored in his trunk. He did tho wear the pants and vest that came with it. The “new” suit he wore for the surrender was tailored in Richmond about Christmas and new years time 1864-5 and is seen in the Brady photo. He continued to wear that suit after the war and is the one Valentine used for his work but not the later statue that is in the rotunda in DC. I do know MOC has a letter from GWC Lee saying that is the coat but Custis was not at the surrender and probably never even asked his dad what he wore. But the coat had been saved in his trunk. The sword displayed is the sword Lee wore that day and you are correct that it was never given to Gen.Grant or even offered. The sketch was not done at Appomattox. You are a very honest writer. MvK

  2. Hillary says:

    Hi Mark – I work with the Long Island Spy Museum. Was hoping to connect, introduce the Museum, as well as a new Spy publishing venture, etc. Thank you for considering.

  3. maggie says:

    Hey, Im writing a book review of variety green for one of my sports management classes and have to write a small paragraph of your qualifications. Do you mind emailing me where you went to college, and how you got involved in writing about sports?

  4. David Pigg says:

    Mark, I’m a big fan. Keep it up, bud.

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