Mary’s Fate, the Newest Rick Crane Noir

Mary's Fate“Mary’s Fate,” the third book in my highly acclaimed Upstate New York detective series, featuring private eye Rick Crane, is now available on Amazon.

Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

I’d been careful to open the screen door slowly so that it didn’t creak. Once clear of the doorway, I let it go. The loud thwap quickly alerted everyone to my presence.

Two of the Scorpions turned toward me and went for their guns, but I had the jump on them. I fired two quick rounds into each – double taps to the chest. The muffled tunk-tunk of the silenced .45 bounced softly off the back of the building and then out into the parking lot, where it was absorbed by a dozen cars. I doubt anyone walking by out front heard a thing.

The third guy never pulled his gun but dashed around the side of the building the instant he saw me. He was almost to the front of the bar when I came around the corner in back, got down on one knee, steadied my aim, and fired.

I think I hit him in the leg. He stumbled for a few steps before regaining his momentum and disappearing around the corner of the bar.

And that’s how I ended up in the back parking lot of the Marconi Lodge on a muggy August evening, staring down at two dead thugs I’d just dropped like a bad habit beneath the soft purple glow of the bug zapper that hung above the screen door.

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How to Hook Your Readers

Mary's FateThey say you have to hook readers on the first page.

Here are the opening paragraphs of “Mary’s Fate,” my newest Rick Crane Noir just out from Stay Thirsty Publishing.

When I left my apartment tonight, I really hadn’t planned on killing anyone. But when the two Scorpions went for the handguns tucked into their waistbands, I had no choice.

Standing over them, watching the blood start to ooze out of their bodies and onto the hot blacktop, I began to realize that I wasn’t all that surprised at how this night had turned out.

Mary’s Fate Now Available

Mary's FateIt took a few days to get through some formatting glitches, and one last copy edit, but Mary’s Fate, the third book in my Rick Crane Noir series, is now available on Amazon from Stay Thirsty Publishing.

Here’s the jacket blurb:

Legendary Upstate New York private eye Rick Crane returns in MARY’S FATE, the third book in Mark Yost’s acclaimed noir thriller series. Crane, an old-school fixer, is drawn into a turf war of bikers and drugs in this non-stop story of revenge and murder. At the center of Crane’s universe is mob boss, Jimmy Ricchiati Sr., and his iron-fisted control of his territory; a control that spills over into unspeakable violence that forever changes the fate of Mary Rooney, Rick Crane’s true love. Yost’s taut, well-told story grabs the reader right from the start in true noir fashion and doesn’t let go through all the twists and turns that Rick Crane fans have come to expect.

The other two books in the series are “Cooper’s Daughter” and “Jimmy’s Nephew.”