“Mary’s Fate,” Rick Crane Noir Book 3, Coming Soon

Mary's Fate

“Mary’s Fate,” the third book in the Rick Crane Noir series, will be out in the next week or so.

Here are the opening lines of the new book, in which Rick has to battle a meth-dealing motorcycle gang, quit his job working for mob boss Jimmy Ricchiati Sr., and win back his high school sweetheart:


When I left my apartment tonight, I really hadn’t planned on killing anyone. But when the two Scorpions went for the handguns tucked into their waistbands, I had no choice.

Standing over them, watching the blood start to ooze out of their bodies and onto the hot blacktop, I began to realize that I wasn’t all that surprised at how this night had turned out.


In the meantime, get caught up on Upstate New York’s favorite private eye, with “Cooper’s Daughter” and “Jimmy’s Nephew,” the first two books in the widely acclaimed series from Stay Thirsty Publishing, where I’m the Featured Author this month.



Don’t Miss TCM’s Summer of Darkness and My Interview with Eddie Muller

Noir City

June and July have been a boon for noir fans. Turner Classic Movies’ “Summer of Darkness” has dedicated Friday nights to great film noir classics, hosted by Film Noir Czar Eddie Muller.

To learn more about Eddie, film noir, and the great work he’s doing to preserve these important films and genre at the Film Noir Foundation, read my interview in the Summer edition of Stay Thirsty Magazine.

Here’s one of the questions I asked and Eddie’s answer:

MARK YOST: What was the first noir film you saw, and how did it hook you?

EDDIE MULLER: I’m not actually sure, but since I get asked this a lot I’ve settled on Thieves’ Highway, a 1949 noir about the dangerous intrigues of the wholesale produce business, shot on location in San Francisco, my hometown. Seeing the city through a noir lens, and especially discovering aspects of the place that no longer existed, fueled both my imagination and my appreciation for historical context. Plus, the whole thing took place in the dead of night—I love stories about worlds that exist when the rest of the world is sleeping, and that describes a lot of noir. I got my initial dose of noir from watching Dialing for Dollars on afternoon TV, when I’d cut school and hide out to watch movies. All in all, that worked out pretty well for me.

Mark Yost: Stay Thirsty Featured Author

Mary's Fate

I don’t get many accolades (except from my mother), but I’m honored that my publisher, Stay Thirsty Press, has made me their Featured Author ahead of the upcoming publication of “Mary’s Fate,” the third book in the Rick Crane Noir Series.

The new book is due out in early August. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, “Cooper’s Daughter” and “Jimmy’s Nephew.”