Sponsors: The Only Ones Who Can Change the NFL

I’ll be on The Roy Green Show at 2:45 CDT on Saturday, Sept. 20, talking about the scandals roiling the NFL.

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual week in college and pro sports. Assaults and run-ins with the law happen weekly. The only difference is the media spotlight that’s been focused on Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and a few other players.
This will blow over.
The NFL is doing all the necessary — not right, but necessary — things to get the press corps to move onto something else.
Hiring female advisors.
Having a former FBI director investigate, etc.
The one red flag is this (and it’s minor): Sponsors. That is what will really get the NFL’s attention. If sponsors start to get nervous.
Varsity GreenBut the sponsors are — so far — dropping individual athletes, not the NFL. In fact, the sponsors need the NFL more than the NFL needs the sponsors. It is the biggest audience, delivering the most important demographic. Sponsors want this to blow over as much as the NFL does.
And, of course, all this starts when these kids are just 10 years old, playing in “youth” leagues that even then are sponsored by Nike and Adidas. They’re told to foresake academics for athletics, often by their parents. They get special treatement in college. “Tutors” who really write the papers and take the exams for them.
Special dorms, special food.
And then when they get millions of dollars, after a lifetime of never being told “No,” we wonder why they turn into monsters.
Roy and I will discuss. Tune in on the Corus Radio Network in Canada, or on the Internet.

About Mark Yost
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One Response to Sponsors: The Only Ones Who Can Change the NFL

  1. Lisa Marea says:

    No one has mentioned OJ Simpson and his wife Nicole. I wonder if she would still be alive if the NFL had made abuse a serious issue way back then. I don’t have any answers about how to change it. Possibly teaching young men and women that it isn’t right to hit one another or be disrespectful. But everything (media related) teaches exactly the opposite. Don’t know what kind of wrongs will make everything right again. Good article.

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